Message From Our President

The current landscapes of Global Capital Markets, Foreign Direct Investment and Real Estate Investments are ever-changing, especially in the real estate sector owing to the unstable global economy, changing policies and turbulent times across macro & micro economies. In today’s financial world, the many risk factors for real estate investments, development & operations are increasing and so is its unpredictability. 

As professional asset managers, our primary goal is to tackle these challenges effectively and efficiently in order to reduce the financial risk and to increase owner’s equity. It is our fiduciary duty to effectively deliver and provide results oriented execution in order to realize the investment strategy on behalf of ownership by means of representing the best interests thereof. 

The Hospitality Asset Managers Association (“HAMA”) MEA is the pre-eminent organization of professionals responsible for proactively increasing asset values on behalf of hotel owners worldwide. We are therefore honored as well as fortunate to have our esteemed non-profit association incorporated as the first financial NGO within the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) which has been ranked among The World’s Top 10 Financial Centres. 

HAMA MEA collaborations actively with both the public and private sector organizations to foster the right dialogue, platform & landscape for long term sustainable relationships including targeted academic initiatives for the enhancement of hospitality asset managers through education, advancement of the profession, and serving as the collective industry voice of hospitality ownership.

At HAMA MEA we share and leverage the collective knowledge and expertise of our seasoned asset managers with their global executive background and experience for our passionate industry of Real Estate Hospitatliy within the fields of operations, finance, investments, development and asset management. 

We look forward to welcoming current as well as new members to our esteemed Hospitality Asset Managers Association – Middle East & Africa and to adding true value to the MEA region by embracing professional asset management knowledge, best practices and standards as well as excellence in execution at the highest levels of ethics and integrity. 

I avail myself  of this opportunity to please accept the assurances of my highest consideration and esteem.

René Beil